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A Guide to Perfect Wedding/Bridal Hair:

Updated: Feb 28

Jess Burgess Photography

Embarking on your journey to say "I do" in the captivating landscapes of New Zealand?

Picture this: You are adorned in the elegance of meticulously crafted bridal hair up against the breathtaking backdrop of New Zealand's rolling hills and serene oceans. The allure of this enchanting destination sets the stage for a truly magical wedding.

Whether the wedding season is in full swing or not in NZ, the importance of preparing for your special day remains constant. And what better way to complement the awe-inspiring surroundings than with the timeless elegance of a carefully crafted hair up? 

If you're a bride-to-be wondering how much time you should spend getting a perfect bridal hair up, we have you covered!

Timing Is Everything

What is the time commitment for that dreamy bridal hair up? 

Bridal hair-up Duration: The time commitment for a bridal hair up depends on factors such as the complexity of the hairstyle and the length and thickness of your hair. Generally speaking, a beautiful bridal hair updo typically takes 45 to 60 minutes. It's crucial to schedule this and be finished at least 1 hour before you change into your bridal outfit. Consider a pre-wedding consultation with your hairstylist to discuss preferences and expectations, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Capture the Moment: If you intend to have a photographer capture the precious moments of your wedding preparation, be aware that it will require additional time. Candid shots are not only memorable but also a great way to document the excitement leading up to your big day. Consider coordinating with your photographer to ensure these moments are seamlessly integrated into your schedule.

Bridal Party Glam: Your bridesmaids, mother of the bride, or anyone else getting their hair done by the stylist should account for approximately 30-45 minutes each. Coordination between hairstylists and makeup artists is key to streamlining the process and ensuring everyone looks cohesive and stunning.

How long will it last?

Feeling concerned about the longevity of your updo or if you'll be able to move around comfortably? To put your mind at ease, I make sure to secure every strand in place so that you can dance the night away without a worry in the world, using only the highest quality products and techniques to ensure that your hair stays in place throughout your special event.

Ready to Shine?

First photo was taken by Katrina Cooke Photography, and the second photo was by Jesse And Jessie, and Stephen Long Photography.

If you want to bring your bridal hair ideas to life, please email us or click the link below to fill out the bridal hair form so we can schedule your consultation. It doesn't matter if you're local or planning a destination wedding in the stunning landscapes of New Zealand; we're here to ensure that you look absolutely stunning on your special day. 

Your journey to the perfect bridal updo begins now—let's make your wedding day as enchanting as the landscapes of New Zealand. 

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