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Cacao Ceremony
Connecting to your heart & revealing your inner gifts

In this space we will connect with the ancient medicine of Cacao, opening our heart center and the pituitary gland, which opens us up and brings us closer to our ‘higher self’.

Through guided meditation we will journey within ourselves allowing our true and authentic selves to speak to us and reveal what gifts we have, and dreams of ours we would like to manifest.

In this state, we are more likely to realize our full potential, which we will then integrate using some journaling prompts to reflect upon what came up for us in this space.
The intention is to empower ourselves, connect with all our inner resources and find clarity, recalibration and healing.

When: Saturday, 20th May.
Time: 2hrs 6pm-8pm
Investment: $50*

*We would like to give a % of your ticket price to donate towards St. John ambulance to thank all the volunteers for all their hard work.


Cacao Ceremony Ticket

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